Internet Marketing Services with a  100% Money-Back Guarantee!

peter_geisheker_smallHello! My name is Peter Geisheker and I am the CEO of The Geisheker Group Marketing Firm. As you can see I am casual and not a big fan of business suits.

We at The Geisheker Group specialize in Internet marketing and we have been providing small-to-large companies around the world with Internet marketing services since the world wide web was invented.

One of the major things that separates us from other Internet marketing firms is that we offer a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee: If you are not satisfied with our Internet marketing services, we will not bill you. It’s that simple. However, this offer is only for our marketing services and does not include advertising fees you would pay for things like Advertising on Google or other advertising channels. Our guarantee is only for our market services–not for the products and services of other companies.

How we charge and why it will make you smile

A big question a lot of businesses ask me before deciding to hire us is how do we charge and are they stuck in a long-term retainer-based contract? Prepare to smile.

Our fee is a flat $50 per hour and we do not make our clients sign long-term contracts nor do we charge a retainer. This is a big relief to our clients because our competitors force their clients into 6-12 month minimum contracts with huge monthly retainers.

Personally, I think forcing your clients into long-term contracts with huge retainers is bad business and puts all the risk on the client when the risk should be on the company that provides the service–ME.  We instead work on a project basis week-by-week and you only pay for the actual hours we work. For nearly all of our clients, my team and I are able to completely manage and optimize their Internet marketing program working only 1-5 hours a week.

As I mentioned above, the other benefit we offer our clients is that if you do not like our work on a particular project, we won’t bill you for that project. As a marketing expert it is my job to do great work for you that you are very satisfied with. If you are not satisfied with a project my team and I worked on for you, just tell me and we can either work on the project more without charging you for any additional time or you can just say no-thanks and I will not charge you for the project. That way all the risk of working with my marketing firm rests on my shoulders–not yours. You can’t get much more fair than that. You agree?

Here are the Internet Marketing Services We Provide

  • Google AdWords PPC Search and Banner Advertising setup, optimization, and management. One of our employees worked for Google in their AdWords department and has a tremendous amount of experience building profitable Google AdWords campaigns.

  • Facebook, Yahoo, Bing, and SiteScout advertising campaigns for lead generation product sales, and affordable online branding.

  • Website conversion optimization services to convert more of your website traffic into leads and customers.

  • Landing page creation, testing, and optimization.

  • Banner ad creation for your Internet advertising campaigns.

  • Copywriting for all of your marketing materials, both online and offline, including website text, email sales letters, blog posts, landing pages, banner ads, auto-responders, print materials, and much more.

  • Retargeting/remarketing campaign setup, optimization, and management so you can continue to advertise to all the people who visit your website AFTER they have left your website. If you are not using retargeting to bring past website visitors back to your website, you are missing out on a huge marketing opportunity.

  • Complete marketing program management. Many of our clients prefer to have us build and manage their entire marketing program so they can focus on running their businesses instead of worrying about marketing. If you want highly experienced marketing professionals to manage all of your company’s marketing, we’re the marketing firm for you.

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