The Geisheker Group Marketing Firm

Strategic marketing and lead generation services

The Geisheker Group is a marketing firm that creates strategic marketing and lead generation programs for businesses of all sizes. We have worked with 1-person start-ups all the way up to multi-billion dollar corporations. We have been in business since 1998.

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How we will help you with your marketing

  • We will improve your marketing message to make it more persuasive and focused on measurable end-user benefits so more people and businesses will want to buy your products and services.
  • We will increase the amount of leads you generate through our strategic digital marketing program that utilizes the most advanced tactics for advertising on Google AdWords, Google Remarketing, Facebook, and LinkedIn, as well as inbound content marketing for social media exposure and lead generation. We are both Google AdWords Certified¬†and Google Analytics Certified.
  • By optimizing your digital advertising on Google AdWords, Facebook, and LinkedIn, we will lower your cost per lead and cost per sale, which will provide you with a higher return on investment from your digital advertising.
  • We will improve your website traffic to lead conversion ratio. What this means is we will optimize your website, landing pages, and sales funnel so a higher percentage of the people who visit your website and landing pages contact you as a lead. This will provide you with a higher return on investment from your advertising.
  • By optimizing your website and landing pages, we will lower your cost per lead and your cost per sale, providing you with a higher return on investment from your advertising.
  • We will build a strategic inbound content marketing program for your company by ghost-writing industry specific articles for your blog. We will then promote those articles to the major social media networks and to the business media. This will provide you with more website traffic, more leads, and valuable media publicity. Having an inbound content marketing program and an optimized sales funnel is the foundation of a successful digital marketing lead generation program.
  • Our marketing program will increase your brand recognition as well as favorable opinion from your target market toward your company.
  • We will help you receive publicity from the media in your industry, which will generate additional leads and clients for your business. It will also increase your brand recognition, favorable opinion toward your company, and present you as a leading expert in your industry.

For most companies, partnering with The Geisheker Group to build, manage, and optimize your marketing and lead generation program is considerably more affordable than hiring a team of internal employees or hiring a competing marketing firm or ad agency.

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