This blog post is probably going to irritate a lot of people–particularly people in sales. But, often the truth hurts, and today I will be sharing some hard truths about leads and sales.

When I talk to sales people and small business owners I often hear them complain that the leads they get suck. Their leads don’t want to spend money, the leads need to think about it, the leads don’t reply when you call them and leave a voice mail or when you email them, on and on.

Guess what…  ALL leads are like that. That is why sales is called sales and not called order taking.

The problem is not the leads–the problem is the sales person, and if that sales person is you, then the problem is you. The reason you think your leads suck is because you don’t know the art and science of sales persuasion and how to take a lead who is being indecisive, does not trust you, and is scared of making a bad buying decision to becoming excited about what you sell and wanting to buy right now.

Every time a person does not buy from you, don’t get mad at that person–get mad at yourself for your inability to persuade that person who is interested in what you are selling to buy from you instead of your competitor. The sale did not happen because of your inability to sell–not because of the prospect being a “bad lead.”  The prospect in all likelihood wanted to buy. However, they needed YOU to make them feel confident that they were making a smart buying decision that would greatly benefit them, and you did not do that. So, no sale. Your fault.

Before you get angry, understand that this is not your fault. You probably never received master level training in sales persuasion, how to build trust, how to correctly respond to objections, and how to confidently close.

For example, take your last sales interaction. During that interaction did you ask the person to buy at least five times?  Sales stats show that 80% of all sales happen AFTER the salesperson asked the prospect to buy five times. Now you may think you are asking for the sale five times but you are probably not. Honestly, if you would listen to recording of yourself selling, I bet you do not ask for the sale more than once, and you may not even ask for it one time. You may give the prospect info about your product but did you actually say, “Let’s get you signed-up. Please sign the contract here and here”?  Probably not.

The truth is most  so called salespeople only present information and then they wait for the prospect to make the next move and say he/she wants to buy.  If the prospect says nothing, then it must have been a bad non-qualified prospect. Nonsense. That is not selling. That is giving a presentation and waiting for the prospect to take action, which the prospect will almost never do. Selling is asking the prospect to make a decision now, and when the prospect says she needs to think about it, or talk to her husband, or talk to her business partner, the sales person uses persuasion and closing skills to turn that prospect around to make a decision and buy now! That is selling.

The reason I am telling you this is because for 20 years I sucked at selling! I was scared to death of it and I never asked for the sale. I gave presentations and waited and prayed for the prospect to tell me me he/she wanted to buy. Boy did i do a lot of waiting and praying…

Finally, I said enough is enough, and I need to stop being scared of selling and become a master at it.  I started reading books on selling and learned a little here and there but nothing seemed to be working. Then I found a book on selling by Grant Cardone and it has changed my life. The book is, “Sell or Be Sold: How to Get Your Way in Business and in Life.”  This book has completely changed how I think about sales and taught me that becoming a master at selling is the most important skill any person can have.  It taught me that using persuasion and closing is good and it helps people make decisions and buy the things they want instead of being scared of making a buying decision.

I also purchased the audio book (mp3) version of Grant Cardone’s book, “The Closer’s Survival Guide”, which has over 100 different closes you can use to overcome people’s objections, and I can tell you from first hand experience, these closes work like magic! My confidence in selling has increased ten fold now that I know how to correctly respond to any, objection, such as “I need to think about it”, “I need to talk to my wife (or business partner) first”, “Your price is too high”,  “i need to get pricing from some other vendors first”, on and on.

I cannot urge you enough to buy the two books I mentioned above. The better you become at persuasion and selling, the better your life will become. Obviously you will make a lot more money, but you will also have better relationships and get what you want from life. Becoming a master at persuasion and selling will help you get everything you want from life.

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To your success!

Peter Geisheker


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