More than 70 millions professionals are using LinkedIn Slideshare on a monthly basis to look for interesting content and discover the best companies out there. Slideshare is a visual marketing tool that can take your business to the next level and can give you an unfair advantage over your competition.

Why LinkedIn Slideshare?

Slideshare is a platform that enables you to upload your workshop or webinar slides. This social platform adds something new to the market, enabling marketers to face a less fierce competition than on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. Of course, this doesn’t mean the competition is non-existent on Slideshare.

There are over 60 million unique users who log on the platform every month and view over 400,000 new presentations. Over 10 million presentations are uploaded on a monthly basis. Here you can read more mind-blowing stats about Slideshare:

All those visitors are not just looking for online presentations. They are looking for business photos, PDF files, how-to videos and tips. If they can find you on Slideshare, you have more chances of success.

On Slideshare, you can easily convert your target audience into quality leads for your business. With this platform, you get to enjoy an amplified reach, an increased lead relevance and more actionable results.

How to Get Started with Slideshare

To get more leads with Slideshare, you should go a step further from just uploading presentations. You can use the Lead Generation tool and easily maximize your lead conversion.

To start, click the Collect Leads button in the navigation bar. After you log in, press the Start Now tab and you will be able to either pick a presentation from your uploads or upload a new one. Next, you can start customizing your lead form.

When customizing your form, think about what your prospects need to see, decide on the placement of your form and set geographic targets. You can also add custom questions and other personalization items. Next on, preview your lead form and publish it.

To review your leads, go to Account Settings and sync your account with the Marketing Automation tools. You can either view the leads in your Hubspot account or export a .csv file.

Tips on Using Slideshare to Generate new Leads

Here are some expert tips on how to make the most out of Slideshare.

  1. Optimize the Title

The title is arguably the most important part of your Slideshare presentation. In fact, it is the only part of your presentation that people will see before deciding to view your offer. Moreover, the title is very important from a SEO point of view and it’s crucial for high SERP rankings.

When optimizing your presentation title, there are a few approaches you can try. According to a study published by Outbrain, headlines that include negative superlatives outperform regular positive titles (

Negative superlatives provide your readers with something quite intriguing and unexpected which makes them curious to find out the truth behind your affirmation.

  1. Include Numbers and Figures

The smart guys from Conductor conducted a research to determine what headlines resonates with readers. According to this study published on Moz (, over 36% of individuals prefer numbered headlines over addressing, how to or normal headlines.

Add a number to your headline to enjoy a resounding success on Slideshare.

  1. Optimize your Cover

The next most important aspect of optimizing your slides for Slideshare is to optimize the cover so that it becomes visible to users on all social networks. Cover optimization is not just about using red over yellow or choosing Arial over Times New Roman, but about making it enticing and easily readable.

Create the cover using Facebook cropping the right way, use a readable font and use high contrast colors. You should definitely pick colors that cater to your colorblind audience. Here is how to pick the right colors for your cover to ensure your colorblind audience can see your offer:

  1. Consider the Length

The length of your slideshare is important from a user perspective. Marketers have noticed that the longer a slide is, the more success it has. Thus, we recommend you to create slideshares with at least 40 slides.

  1. Design it the Right Way

In order to convert more leads in 2016 using SlideShare presentations, you need to include clickable CTAs through your presentation and offer valuable tips in your slides. Start with some basic info about the industry you’re in and continue offering unique tips and strategies that solve your readers’ problems.

After the first five slides, place a first call to action, and continue to place CTAs every 5 or 10 slides. The CTA on your last slide is the most important one, so make it top-notch.

  1. Get more People to View your Presentation

SlideShare is extremely powerful, enabling you to share your content and generate many new leads. However, you should also do some basic SEO in order to ensure your presentation is viewed by as many people as possible.

Optimizing your SlideShares is quite similar to optimizing your blog posts. Use the right keywords, add some LSI keywords and stay away from keyword stuffing. Embed your presentation on your WordPress blog and share it on all your social platforms.

Moreover, notify any interested customer via email and reach out to important industry blogs. Do not promote your slideshare to people who won’t listen, but make your pitches super targeted.

The Bottom Line

You can now sit back, relax and let the leads come in. Now that you have success with SlideShare, do not forget to measure its impact on your brand and remove any weak links in your conversion path. Run more experiments on other slideshare presentations and continue leveraging the huge power of SlideShare for your business.

To your business success!

Peter Geisheker

P.S. If you need help marketing your business to attract new customers, click here to email me or call (920) 318-0654. You’ll love the results I produce for you.

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