Hello everyone,

I wanted to let you know about Rebump, a very cool Gmail extension that makes it super fast and easy to send automated “reminder” messages to people you send important email messages to remind them to open and read an important message you sent them.

The way Rebump works is when you send an important email to a person, you check a box next to your Send button that will automatically send reminder emails to that person in the event that person does not open your email. For example, let’s say you send an email to a prospective client, and in that email you have attached a business proposal. This is a very important email that you want to make sure gets opened and read. If after 3 days that person has not opened your email, Rebump will automatically send that person a reminder email from your gmail account (it looks like it came from you) asking the person to please read the original email you sent to them. If the person still does not open your email, a few days later Rebump automatically sends another reminder, and continues to do this every few days for a total of 10 reminders. This is a great way to basically guarantee your important emails get opened and read.

As far as pricing for Rebump, the first 30 days are free. Then, you can upgrade to a Basic plan for $5 per month or to a Plus plan for $12 per month. This is obviously a dirt cheap way to guarantee your important emails get opened and read, which will help your business, especially in the area of sales.

The video below explains more about https://rebump.cc and how it works.


To your business success!

Peter Geisheker

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