I am very happy to announce that my client, Paperless Proposal, just made G2Crowd’s list of the top 25 enterprise software products! Paperless Proposal is #6 on the list, beating out many large well known tech companies.

I have been working with Paperless Proposal for almost 4 years, managing their Internet marketing program, and it is wonderful to see them receive this great industry recognition. They have worked incredibly hard creating an amazing online software tool for creating, tracking, and managing business proposals, and they deserve all the great success they are receiving. If your company makes a lot of business proposals and price quotes, you really should use Paperless Proposal. It will make your life so much easier!

Congratulations to everyone at Paperless Proposal! You guys rock!

Peter Geisheker

P.S. If YOU need help marketing your product or service, I can build a powerful Internet marketing program for you just as I have done for Paperless Proposal. Call me at (920) 318-0654 or email me at peter@geisheker.com.

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