Yes, this post may piss off some people, especially women.

Several times in the past week while I was sharing content to my LinkedIn profile, I kept seeing the post below in my news feed. I was absolutely shocked that this free LinkedIn post has been liked over 29,000 times and commented on over 2,300 times, especially since LinkedIn is a business social network and this post is definitely not important business news. This post is simply a woman saying she is leaving her current employer, she thanks the great people she worked with, and that she is excited about what the future has to offer. That’s it. She is not posting a cure to cancer. She is not offering amazing advice and wisdom. So why was this post liked over 29,000 times and commented on over 2,300 times?

viral linkedin post

Hmmm, could it be this post went viral because she is hot?

I can promise you that if that post had a picture of me instead of her, it would not have been liked or shared at all and it would have received zero comments. This post went viral because the woman is very attractive.

Now, could this Linkedin post going viral be a fluke? Yes. Weird things happen. However, images of very attractive women attract attention, and that is why pictures of attractive women are used so often in advertising. It is also one of the factors why the Kardashian women get so much attention. If they were unattractive nobody would pay attention to them.

So, the lesson learned here is if you want a social media post to go viral, having a picture of a very attractive woman will probably help. On the other hand, having a picture of me will pretty much guarantee that your post is completely ignored.

Sex sells. It always has and I am confident it always will. People love eye candy.

Please share your thoughts on this topic by commenting below. I’d love to read what you think to see if I am correct in that this post went viral because she is a hottie or am I completely wrong and I am a sexist jerk?

Peter Geisheker

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