When I talk to companies about Google AdWords advertising, I often hear that they tried using it but it just doesn’t work for them. That’s complete bull. Google AdWords works incredibly well. The problem 90% of the time is that the sales message on your website sucks. It’s boring, there is no call to action, you do not build the value of the products or services you are selling, there are no testimonials or positive reviews, the text is so small nobody can read it, your sales process is confusing, on and on and on. Don’t blame Google AdWords because you don’t know how to sell on your website.

If you want to be successful with Google AdWords, and with any online advertising for that matter, you must have an incredibly interesting and persuasive sales message on every sales page of your website, and buying from my must be very fast and simple. To do this you either need to hire an expert copywriter (like me) to write your sales message, or you need to educate yourself by reading books on how to be a great copywriter.

Click on this link for a list of the top 25 books on copywriting.

If you sell products, you need to study the hell out of amazon.com and copy them as much as possible. They have arguably the best e-commerce website in the world and they have spent many millions of dollars perfecting the sales message on every page of their website as well as the sales flow process. Their website is a well oiled sales machine.

So don’t blame Google AdWords for your lack of sales. Blame yourself for not creating an incredibly persuasive sales message to sell your products or services.

If you need help with marketing, email me at peter@geisheker.com.

To your success!

Peter Geisheker

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