First of all I want to say that I am a huge fan of Google AdWords and I think it is the best Internet advertising platform in the world. When you know how to use it, it can be a very profitable advertising platform. However, what this article is about is Google AdWords tech support and that I think you should be cautious with any advice they give you, and that you should always seek a second opinion from an experienced Google AdWords expert who is not a Google employee.

Here is my latest experience when dealing with Google AdWords tech support.

I have been running a very successful Google AdWords CPA (cost per acquisition) remarketing campaign that included similar audience remarketing for a client for several months. The campaign was consistently generating quality traffic and conversions for my client. Then, last week Wednesday the traffic and conversions from that campaign slowed down to a trickle. I would say we dropped over 95% in the amount of impressions, clicks, and conversions we had been getting, overnight.

I thought maybe this was a one day anomaly with Google Remarketing and that it would correct itself. So, I waited another day and then reviewed the campaign again. Same problem–our impressions, clicks, and conversions had dropped by over 95%.  As I could see no reason for this huge drop in impressions, clicks, and conversions, I contacted Google AdWords tech support using their online chat tool.

I was connected to a Google AdWords support person in India who reviewed my campaign and he could not understand why the campaign’s impressions, clicks, and conversions basically stopped overnight. His advice was to create new display ads. I told him that was not a solution to why a very successful campaign died overnight. I told him I suspected the problem was that the Google’s CPA bidding system had stopped working for this campaign. He told me this could not be possible and said he would talk with other Google AdWords tech specialist to see if they could figure out the problem.

Another day goes by and the campaign is still dead. My client is getting angry because of their drop in daily leads that were being generated by this successful remarketing campaign. I contacted Google AdWords tech support again and got another person from India. He says he talked to other AdWords specialists and they think the problem is that my competitors all decided to bid more and that is why campaign is not being shown by Google, and what I need to do to fix my problem is to increase my bids. I said that is ridiculous because this is a remarketing campaign (not a PPC search campaign) and my client is in a niche market with only about 10 competitors, and that these competitors did not all conspire on the same night that they would significantly increase their remarketing bids to make my client’s campaign less successful. I told them I am certain the problem is that the Google AdWords CPA bidding system for this remarketing campaign for whatever reason had stopped working. Once again I was told that I am wrong and the solution was to raise my bids and spend more money. I have often found that Google’s response to a problem with an ad campaign is that the advertiser should spend more money.

I knew that raising my bids and spending more money was not the solution to this problem. I was certain the problem was Google’s CPA bidding system. To test my theory I turned off CPA bidding and went back to manual bidding. Immediately the campaign went back to being successful, getting lots of clicks and conversions.

For all of you that are running your own Google AdWords ad campaigns and asking for help from Google AdWords tech support when you have a problem, it is my opinion that their “specialists” from India are not experts at how to run profitable AdWords campaigns, and they do not have your best interests at heart. Google makes its money from advertisers, and the more money you spend, the more money and profits they make. So, the next time you talk to a Google AdWords support person, and that person tells you the solution to your problem is to raise your bids and spend more money, you may want to get a second opinion from a Google AdWords expert who is not a Google employee.

If you have had similar problems with CPA bidding where your impressions, clicks, and conversions dropped to next to nothing overnight, I would recommend that you turn off CPA bidding and go back to manually bidding to see if that solves the problem.

I am a certified Google Partner and I have 15-years experience building profitable Google AdWords campaigns for my clients. If you want to work with a Google AdWords expert who does have your best interests at heart and wants to make your Google advertising profitable, contact me by calling (920) 318-0654 or email me at

To your business success!

Peter Geisheker

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