blogYou’ve worked long and hard on your newest blog post, and it has become almost like a baby to you. You want it to succeed just like you would your first born. You are hoping for tons of comments, traffic, and shares. But what you may not be considering is that what time during the week and what time of day you post your beloved blog will determine its success. So to help you out we are going to let you in on some traffic secrets that will help your content get to where you want it to be.

First, remember that even though the following strategies are backed up by data from feedburner, the ultimate determining factor in successful blog posts is the content. If your content stinks it probably won’t matter when you post it, it will likely see little traffic.

Once you have solid content to post you can then look at other side factors like time and day of the week.

Regardless of the niche or market that you are looking for traffic from, the best day of the week, according to various blog sources including shareaholic, is Monday! That’s right, the first dreaded work day of the week is apparently the time we do the most blog surfing. It is really unclear why this is the case but Monday seems to be the most active day for blog page views.

One theory is that people are at work trying to wake up and do a little bit of blog surfing before they get right into their work day. A close second is Tuesday for the very same reason.

So what does this mean for you? Well you may want to do a little bit of article writing or preparation Sunday night to make sure your article is ready to go in the morning.

To the contrary, the same data shows that the worst day of the week to put up a new blog post is Saturday. For whatever reason there seems to be a dip in blog page views on that particular day of the week, although it may have something to do with people being with their families on the weekends instead of on their computer.

Of course, in addition to what day of the week to post you may also want to know the best time. Yes, timing is much more important online than you may realize. According to shareaholic data, the best time for sharing and page views for blogs is between 8am-1pm. This may have something to do with lunchtimes and mid morning breaks for the average office worker.

So this means that you should shoot to have your post up by 7am. It’s hot off the presses sort-of-speak and will excite those looking for new content.

Remember that timing is everything, so make your blog succeed by posting content on the right days, at the right time!

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