I just finished running an A/B split test for one of my clients where I tested which button would generate more clicks to my client’s order page.

With this test we used two similar buttons for size and message.

Button A:

Order Now Button Blue



Button B:

Buy Now Button Red

Which button would you guess generated the most clicks to the order page?

If you guessed the red button, Button B, you are correct. It generated 77.97% MORE clicks to the order page than the blue button. Yes, an increase of 78% is a holy shit result!

Blue Button A was clicked on by 2.40% of all website visitors.

Red Button B was clicked on by 4.28% of all website visitors.

What does this mean? Potentially three things. One, the color red stands out much more than the color blue, so more people were drawn to it and clicked on it. Two, it could be that people respond more to the words “Buy Now” than they do to the words, “Order Now.”  Interesting….

Or, it could be the combination of the color red and the “Buy Now” text that had the biggest emotional impact and that is why button B generated so many more clicks than button A.  Remember, a major part of marketing is eliciting an emotional response at the subconscious level.  Testing different words and different colors is a great way to test what attributes elicit the greatest emotional response out of your website visitors.

This is a perfect example why conducting website A/B split tests is so important. If we did not test these two buttons and stayed with the blue button (the original button), we would have lost out on getting a whopping 76% MORE clicks to the order page. Are you making huge mistakes by not performing A/B split testing on your website? In a word, YES!

As you will hear me preach over and over, if you are not performing A/B split testing on your website to test what attributes increase clicks and conversions, you are seriously hurting your business. A/B split testing is truly the world’s most powerful marketing tool because it turns marketing into a science with statistical results instead of playing the traditional marketing game of crossing your fingers and hoping for the best.

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