If you want to win at Google AdWords, you need your ads to get a higher click-through rate (CTR) than the ads of your competitors. Here are 12 insanely effective Google AdWords tactics  that will get you a higher CTR and help you to dominate your competitors.

1. Personalize your ads by using the word “You.” Tell the person what’s in it for them. Always use the word “you” in your ads instead of “us” or “we” or “I.” You will get X. You will receive X. You will enjoy X.

2. Capitalize The First Letter Of Every Word. This will make your ad standout more.

3. Use the search term in your Display page URL. For example, http://www.geisheker.com/free-ebook/

4. Make your ad emotional. Although we don’t like to admit it, we are controlled by our emotions. Take advantage of this truth and make your ads emotional by triggering greed, fear, anger, lust, envy, happiness, hope, humor, longing, excitement, joy, love, grief, desire… As advertising legend David Ogilvy would say, “You can’t bore your customers into buying from you.” So, writing boring ads will result in you getting very few clicks while writing emotional ads will get you a lot of clicks. For ideas on emotional words that grab a person’s attention, read the headlines at http://www.buzzfeed.com.

5. Create an anticipation of a reward and uncertainty. Create a fear of missing out with scarcity. “Sale Ends Soon.” “Offer Ends Soon.” “Don’t miss out.” “Don’t lose out.”

6. Use Google’s ad customizers such as a timed countdown using days or hours. This shows people that if they do not act now, they will miss out.

7. If you sell physical products offer Free Shipping. People love free shipping and product ads that offer free shipping always get a higher CTR than product ads that do not offer free shipping.

8. Always end your ad with a call to action such as “Shop Now!”, “Signup Now!” “Register Now!” “Buy it Now!” “Download it Now!” “Get Your Free X Now!”

9. Use the searcher’s exact search term in your ad. People are much more likely to click on an ad that contains the exact words they were searching for. This is known as ad relevancy. The second benefit is that Google will bold the words in your ad that match the words the person searched for, which makes your ad stand out and be seen more easily.

10. Offer something for Free! Whenever you can offer something for free in your ad, you will immediately get a much higher click-through rate than competing ads that are not offering something for free. The word “free” is still the most powerful word on the Internet as well as in advertising. Use it whenever possible. For example, offer a free ebook, a free sample, a free download, a free gift, a free report, a free consultation, a free quote, free shipping, a free trail, a free subscription, a free kit… on and on.

11. Make a better version of the ad that is in the #1 position for the search term you want to rank for. Go to Google and type in the search term you want to rank for when people are searching for the product or service you sell. The ad that is currently in the #1 spot for that search term is there because it gets a higher click-through rate than all the other ads competing for that specific search term. Your job is to make an ad that is even more persuasive (gets more clicks) than that ad in the #1 spot. To do that use the tactics you learned in this blog article and follow the advice in tactic 12 below and test 100 different ads.

12. TEST 100 Different Ads! The #1 biggest mistake people make with Google AdWords is they only make a couple of very similar ads and then they hope for the best. Then, when their ad does poorly and gets very few clicks and Google stops showing it, they blame Google AdWords as being a bad advertising platform when the truth of the matter is that they are to blame for being a lazy advertiser and not testing many different ad variations to produce a very persuasive winning ad.

A hard fact is that if you want to be successful with Google AdWords and get your ad pushed up to the #1 position where you will get the majority of the clicks and new customers, you absolutely must test about 100 different ad variations so you can produce an ad that gets a higher click-through rate than all of the ads of your competitors. If you are not willing to create and test different ads, you are almost guaranteed to fail with Google AdWords. The good news is that your competitors are probably lazy and they are not testing 100 different ad variations, so beating them should not be that difficult if you create and test 100 different ads variations.

When testing your ad variations only test 3 ads at one time and run each test for at least 7 days. Then, you keep the winning ad and pause the two losing ads. The wining ad is the ad that receives the highest click-through rate (CTR). Then, you create 2 new ads to test against the winning ad, trying to beat it. Again, run that test for at least 7 days. After that test is done you keep the winning ad, pause the 2 losing ads, and test 2 new ads against the winning ad trying to beat it. If you do this until you have tested 100 different ads, you will certainly have created an ad that beats all of the ads of your competitors and positions your best ad in the #1 position in the Google search results so you get the majority of the clicks and new customers instead of your competitors. So, test your way to success!

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To your success!

Peter Geisheker

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